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Ben Chiu 趙祥誠

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Ben Chiu, born in 1997 in Hong Kong is a dance artiste renowned for his signature flexing and bone-breaking moves. His freestyle blends in multiple styles including hiphop, popping and krumping. 
Ben is currently the Hong Kong representative of Red Bull Dance Your Style 2024. Ben was the winner of Street Dance of China S2, China’s Got Talent S6 and the champion of King Maker S3. Ben is the founder of dance studio Benny Flex Workshop and member of dance crew Hoodlum. He has performed in multiple stadiums, theatres and stages, including Hong Kong Coliseum as dance and singing guest.
Participating actively in advertisement, TV shows and music production and shootings,  Ben strives to promote street dance culture and Hong Kong dance culture to people around the world.

趙祥誠是香港街舞舞者、藝人,擅長 Flexing(折骨舞)風格,融合 hiphop、popping、krump元素的 Freestyle舞者,Benny Flex Workshop舞室創辦人,街舞團體 Hoodlum成員。

Ben 目前為Red Bull Dance Your Style 2024 香港區代表,曾參加本地選秀節目《全民造星3》並取得冠軍,以及參加多個著名電視節目,如舞蹈類綜藝節目《這就是街舞2》等等,並在香港紅磡體育館以嘉賓形式Solo舞蹈演出,亦參與演出舞台劇和各種台前工作,致力將街舞和香港舞蹈文化推廣予廣大群眾。

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